The recordings of the forthcoming release advance real nice! We were recording some additional drums last Thursday and later that day I sung a whole lotta backing vocals to the next single "Oh These Days". It will sound big.

YES! Spark will release a new single next week!
"Oh These Days" tells about a girl who always picks up the wrong guys when the right one may just be there right before her eyes... and thus she messes up her life. It also tells about a lot of other things. For example, it sums up some of my recent feelings. For example in the chorus.

Really like the way the song sounds. For some it may sound really 80's but it has a lot more of 00's to it for sure. The chorus is big!

The cover of the single will look like this:



Lately we've been working (me and the producer) on our second song, that goes by the name "Oh These Days". It has really groovy drums and a massive chorus and beautiful melodies. The story is told from an interesting point of view; still it being kind of personal. Once again the story has something to do with love.

It's 14 days until Christmas Eve and I've got some plans for you. Thought I'd release a short clip of 'Oh These Days', but not quite sure yet what that something could be...

Until next time!



The first single of the Finnish synth pop band Spark is now available on Youtube too. Check out and share!

Remember the first ever full band performance of the song next Wednesday at Gloria, Helsinki! 23rd of November is the date, be there or be elsewhere!


Spark will perform as a full band for the first time ever at Gloria, Helsinki on the 23rd of November 2012. At a time between 6 and 11 pm Finnish time, the band consisting of four members will take over the stage and perform the first single of Spark for the first time live as a full band.

The Facebook event for the performance:



I today travelled far away from home to take it easy... and work with a new song. After releasing the single Incomplete we started working on a new song yesterday. We have four songs that we work on. One of them, thats vocal tracks we once already started recording is pretty much done. Gotta sing it again, because I am not satisfied with the vocals we recorded. This song I speak of is the slowest one and I could say it is also the most epic one we have worked on so far.

Besides this epic track and Incomplete, we also have a hit song called Oh These Days. It is also quite massive. The chorus is big. Just so damn big, and I have been planning a choir to it. I need to write new lyrics to the song, otherwise it is done.

We also have a song called Hold On which is the one we continued working on yesterday. It has the biggest drums I have built ever, it has great melodies and a fabulous chorus that I love to sing. It's gonna be super awesome and we came up with great things for the song yesterday: for example it now starts peacefully and then builds up into a kickass slower paced synth pop song.

I have a Facebook task for everyone! Get Spark to 175 likes on Facebook and I will award everyone with a clip of the earliest demo of "Incomplete"!!! Thanks for all your support, also in advance. <3 br="br">



Okay, I'm back on blogger and I'm back writing.

The last blog text was from January informing people that the blog is moving. Back then I had worked with a song called "India", and actually a day before the text that I just removed (as it was out of date now) I wrote a song called "Imprisoned". We stopped working on "India" in February as we wanted to move on with other songs too and in time we figured out the song was so different from the rest of the material that we decided to drop it off.

"Imprisoned" would later be titled "Incomplete". We started working on the song in February - the lyrics were written in March. I think the lyrics are the best I've ever written, the amount of metaphors and such is pleasing. After the lyrics were finished the song still changed a lot multiple times; the song has had at least five different choruses.

Please listen to the song here:

There will also be a remix of "Incomplete" out soon! You're gonna dance! And what more is going to happen in the future? I'm gathering up a live band and finishing the forthcoming release that'll include more of these synth pop songs of mine!

Here is the cover of "Incomplete" single:



Here's a shot of the Logic session of a demo song called "India". I've been working on it for a month now and it has turned out to be a fantastic summer song filled with both acoustic and electric guitars that create a peaceful, yet straightforward and clearly on-going mood! Hope this becomes the summer hit of 2012...

Also, I came up with another catchy song yesterday. I've been in a writer's block of some kind for quite a while so I am more than pleased to notice that I still can come up with great songs. It's still just a voice memo on my iPhone but I'm sure I'll get something out of it! "I don't feel like imprisoned..."

By the way, found an amazing band from Los Angeles called Grouplove. Guitardriven alternative rock from the sunniest city in the world! Just love their latest album Never Trust A Happy Song. Check out from Spotify: Grouplove – Never Trust A Happy Song

Get to you later!!!



2012. Wow. And a revamped blog with all kinds of NEW coming. I decided to wipe the slate clean with this blog the same time I decided to bury my plans of releasing the album "Hodie" that I had been working on since January 2010. I'm writing and recording music probably the most efficiently that I have ever been and I would say that we're living exciting times! Let me tell you a little of what has happened around the "Spark camp", so to say.


Last fall I wrote, produced, recorded and mixed a single containing two acoustic pop rock songs. I first came up with the more straightforward and up-tempo A-side, a song called A Lost Cause. The lyrics are like an open letter to a person in a time of frustration and giving up with one. At the time I bought an acoustic guitar which of course made these acoustic songs come up but I also listened to HIM's In Joy And Sorrow and The Rasmus' Time to Burn - both blessed with amazing choruses. Also James Blunt's You're Beautiful & Wisemen had their roles as an inspiration for their musical greatness.

I was very pleased to what A Lost Cause sounded like and wanted to release it as soon as I could. I just thought that it would be dumb to release it on its own and needed another song. At the time I just came up with the core of the future B-side of the single, Flatlining. On a TV program of some kind (still not medical) I heard them say something about flatlining. Also on the HIM song Heartkiller there's a line "flatliner for a heartkiller". I started to munch the word and came up with one of my best lyrics.

I got my childhood idol Sampsa Astala (Stala & So) to master the single. It was a dream come true to work with him and the single sounds so much better now that it's mastered. The single's available from a Helsinki-based record shop called Stupido, in-store and via mail-order from the following link

So, what came out of this all? I would have never believed it would happen but this single brought me a chance to work with another one of my favorite bands' members. A producer, writer, a singer... amazing guy. More of it later on!


I'm not quite sure of what this blog will contain in the future. I'm currently working on a future release with a producer and I thought that you'd get to see what we do.

I've been working on a new song for a month now. It's based in India. Just finished with the first demo of it and it became quite a summer song. I've played it to various people and they have said that it's peaceful. There's both acoustic and electric guitars, tambourines, flutes and a harp. For now. But don't expect that it's something strange by flutes and harp, it's awesome! Pretty straightforward I'd say.

All the best, write to you soon (and post some pictures!)